Bhartriji - Immortal Yogi of Two Thousand Years
Bhartriji : 2000 Year Immortal Yogi  

Breaking the Death Habit
The Story of Bhartriji, Immortal of 2,000 Years
by Leonard Orr, preface by Bob Frissell

Long time psychic-spiritual researcher Leonard Orr investigates the bizarre story of Bhartiji, a "Master" who claims to be over 2,000 years old. Orr and Bhartiji reveal the spiritual practices for avoiding physical death and living forever. "Leonard Orr has the ability to alter reality. If you enter into a relationship with him with any degree of sincerity, you will be mutated. Stuff is going to come in his presenceanything that is less pure than he isand you are going to have to address it. Reading this book is entering into a relationship with him."Bob Frissell.

178 pages. 6x9 Paperback. Illustrated. $14.95.
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Breaking The Death Habit: The Story Of Bhartriji Immortal Yogi Of 2000 Years
By: Orr, Leonard; Preface by Frissell, Bob
120 pages
Published: August 1998
North Atlantic Books, Frog Ltd.
Language: English
ISBN: 1883319684

Leonard Orr, one of the originators--along with Ram Dass, Fritz Perls, and Timothy Leary--of the New Age movement, has spent a lifetime in his own quest for physical immortality, and he claims to have achieved it. In this easy-to-read book, he shows readers how they can, too, laying out the fundamental elements of transcending the physical in order to obtain everlasting life. Illustrations. 200 pp. Author publicity. Targeted print publicity. 20,000 print. Revealing the secrets of ever-lasting life with simple, easy to follow life instructions for cracking the cosmic code. This text introduces the 2054-year-old Indian Guru, Bhartriji, and reveals the simple, spiritual practices for mastering physical death.